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  Fireproof Mastic  
¡¡¡¡Antiflaming mastic is made of pitch, mineral and other substances added with adequate flame retardant. It has following features: vapor stop, water impermeability, cold resistance, corrosion protection, and not easy to deteriorate or crack. And it could be used at normal temperature and could resist combustion after dried. It is a kind of ideal coating material for cooling insulation, fire proof and moisture resistance, which is suited for heat insulation such as cellular glass and polyurethane in petrochemical industry,etc.

Method of Application:
1.Smear the mastic over the surface of cellular glass, no cryogenic part or polyurethane, etc, with a layer of waterproof glass cloth or plastic window gauze in the middle. And the thickness is 3mm. Only after the first layer of mastic gets a bit dry, the second can be smeared. The gross thickness reaches to 5mm after drying.

2.Smear evenly, and no foaming on the surface.

3.Use Level: 12.5kg/m2 ( include the wastage).

Technical Data:
1. Flame Resistance: It causes no spark during construction, has flame resistance after dried and extinguishes in 1s after taken away from fire source.

2.Heat Durability: There'll be no signs of flowing and foaming when it is placed at 45o below the temperature of 95¡æ for 4 hours and then at the temperature of 120¡æ for another 1 hour.

3.Water Absorption: The water absorbed is less than 1% of its weight after 24h' soaking at normal temperature.

4.Frost Resistance: No crack occurs when it is suspended at -40¡æ and 60¡æ for 2h respectively.

5.Drying Time: It can be touched with fingers after 1h, while it costs 60h to dry completely.

6.Volatile Substance£º5¡À30%

7.Oxygen Index£º£¾30%£¨OI£©

8.Binding Power£º20¡æ1.5kg/cm2

9.Specific Gravity£º1600¡«1700kg/m3

10.Service Temperature£º-60¡æ¡«+95¡æ

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