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  FG Deep-cold Bonding Agent  
FG Deep-cold Bonding Agent is created through warming reaction with the base material of petroleum asphalt added with organic solvent and raw material such as macromolecule resin and organic plasticizer. It has strong binding power, good frost resistance, can bind and mold material such as cellular glass in deep cooling part and polyaminoester not in deep cooling part. It has good pliability and binding power at low temperature. It is the special binding agent of cooling insulation and heat insulation because it has good binding power at the temperature ranging from C196 to +60 in place of heat insulation and cooling insulation of petroleum, chemical engineering and equipment pipeline.

Method of Application
1.Heat the binding agent to 180~200 to melt it before using.

2.Smear the melted binding agent on the binding surface of cellular glass or polyaminoester with tools such as scraper, brown brush or self-made brush, bind and press it taking the advantage of warmth and raze off additional binding agent a bit cold after fixing. The coating of binding agent should be even and there is no spacing at the pasted seam.

3.The binding agent should be melted when using and should not be heated in long time or in high temperature. We can judge it by the color of smoking from blue to white to yellow. We should notice the color of yellow because it is near to the fire point.

Technological quality parameter
Melting point
Temperature allowed
Other parameters refer to Q/N-5-85
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