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  Bonding Agent especially For Foam Glass  
¡¡¡¡Foam Glass Bonding Agent is a special bonding agent to be applied under the temperatureof -200¡æ~450¡æ for foamglass. It consists of two kinds of Material marked A and B. In application, Material A is mixed with Material B in proportion with the total thickness of 2~3mm. And the mixture is coated on the surfaces of foamglass that needs to be bonded. The mixture can self-solidified under air-isolated after bonding the parts together.

¡¡¡¡Foam Glass Bonding Agent has the original viscidity which is easy to be installed. The viscidity becomes stronger after solidification(Its tension resistance exceeds that of the foamglass). FG Foamglass Bonding Agent is water-proof, anti-deliquescence and high-medium temperature resistant. It also have the advantage to be used within normal low temperature. So the FG Foamglass Bonding Agent is widely used in oil pipes, thermal pipes, underground thermal pipes to bond the foamglasses and millipore calcium silicate insulation materials. It is also a good choice for bonding foamglass on pipe crystallizers in refinery industry. In this respect, it has overcome the problem of flow-away by applying FG Deep-cold Bonding Agent. FG Foamglass Bonding Agent is our company¡¯s newly developed bonding material especially for foamglass insulation.

Method of Application£º
1. Material A is powder-shaped and Material B is liquid. Material A should be mixed with Material B to mushy state as 6:4. If the mixture is too hard, please add some water.
2. Please use the mixture within 40 minutes every time. If the mixture turns solidified, please add some Material B to dilute it. Don¡¯t mix too much because the mixture will solidify after one hour.
3. Please erase the dust before coating the FG Foamglass Bonding agent on the surface of foamglass evenly with a brush (the thickness of bonding agent is about 2mm), then join the two parts together.
4. Material A should be kept away from water. If it gets damp, please pound into pieces for future application. Material B should be kept against dampness.

Technical Data
The physical properties of FG Foamglass Bonding Agent is as follows:(Tested by SRIBS)
Compressive Strength
Bending Strength
stronger than that of foamglass
Linear shrinkage
under 500¡æ 4h
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